Health Care Reform

The REPEAL & REPLACE War Over “Obamacare” Has Begun in Earnest This Time, With the GOP in Control… Instead of a Realistic Solution to Americas Healthcare Problem That Benefits the American People, We Will be Subjected to a “Political Party” WAR…

We the People WILL LOSE, Regardless of the Political Outcome Because Our Representatives Do Not Really Care About Fixing the Root Causes of the Problem… Besides Government Interference, Which NEVER Really Works, I Believe the TWO Basic Problems Are…..

1. The Way Healthcare Services Are Priced

2. Based Mostly on the Job

Until These TWO Parts of Healthcare are Changed, We Will Be Controlled by Politicians & the Government Bureaucracy… Their Efforts So Far are Economically Destroying the Budget and Passing on to Unborn Future Americans an Impossible National Debt to Pay…

Healthcare Is Priced in a Manner Totally Out of Line With OTHER Products & Services… WHY Is the Price for an Operation or Treatment Higher When Paying CASH, Than Via Private or Government Insurance.??  This Has Resulted in Inflated Base Prices Instead of TRUE “Cost Plus Profit” Practices… The Current Practice Makes It Impossible for the People to CHOOSE via Cost & Leaves Them at Mercy of GREED…

Employment Offered Healthcare Was Once a Business Perk Used to Attract the BEST Employees to the Company… NOW, It Is No Longer a Perk, But Mandated by the Government with Penalties to Both the Company & Employee for Non Compliance…

Instead of the Company Selecting the Insurance Company or Plan, the Employee Should Have This Control… ONE SIZE Does Not Fit All… The Company Should PAY Directly to the Employee a Set Sum of Money, Non Taxable, for Them to Purchase the Policy That Suits the Need of them & Their Family… Healthcare, After All Is a Personal Thing…

It Is My Opinion that NO Political Solution Really Exists for Healthcare… However, With the Elimination of “Political Party” Bickering, & a Real Exchange of Ideas Which Includes Hospitals, Medical Personnel, & Insurance Companies, a NEW & Workable Healthcare Industry Could Emerge & Work for All…



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