Evolving the Gay Marriage Issue

President Obama Finally “Evolved” on Wed.May 9, 2012… He Now Believes in “Gay Marriage.”  His Anouncement was Prematuely Forced by Vice President Biden Saying He {VP} was Comfortable with Men Marrying Men & Women Marying Women.

President Had Planned to Make Anouncement Later in the Year, But Deceided NOW Was the Time, as Many in “Gay Community” Were Angry He Had Not Declared Support, as Yet.  Fund Raising Was Being Withheld, & Increased anger Was Exerted by Virginia Passing a Constitutional Amendment Declaring “Marriage Is Between a Man & a Woman.”

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Education Reform

“One Size Fits ALL”, Education Control from the TOP Down, Does NOT WORK…  Hands On Local Control Is the Correct Answer…

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I am an ARGRY Retired 74 1/2 yr Old Man, Unhappy w/Government Representation at All Levels…

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